Welcome to Calgary Housecall Vet Services (CHVS), a veterinary practice established by Dr. Claire Cooney providing home services to Calgary and area residents.

My commitment to you is to provide quality veterinary care in the most compassionate, empathetic and stress free way possible within the comforts of your own home.

Dr. Cooney provides each client with a personalized house call experience. No appointment will be rushed. Everything will be explained in detail to ensure clients are provided with a thorough understanding of the health of their loved ones.


Dr. Cooney's medical and surgical experience, combined with her access to full-service veterinary clinics,  enables her to provide a wide variety of services to her clients, including spays, neuters, dental procedures and diagnostic imaging (x-ray) that cannot otherwise be done in the home.

Why in-home veterinary care?

In-home veterinary care is ideal for:

  • Those looking for the convenience of having the vet come to their home, avoiding the commute to a veterinary clinic that can add stress to pets who already may be experiencing heightened levels of anxiety, fear and/or aggression when venturing outside the home. Traffic congestion is more commonplace in Calgary, so it can also reduce your stress levels too!
  • Animals and peoplewith limited mobility due to age, illness or physical disability
  • Multiple pet households, saving the pet owner many trips to the veterinary clinic
  • Saying goodbye to our beloved pets within a safe, familiar, peaceful and more comfortable environment

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